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2014 Syrah

Syrah has been called a winemaker’s grape meaning the winemaker can have a strong influence on the style the wine becomes through winemaking techniques. We crafted our Syrah to be soft and approachable with big, luscious fruit and just enough acidity and tannins to balance the wine. It is dark and rich in color and flavors.


The grapes were sourced from Seven Hills Vineyard which is one the first commercial vineyards in Walla Walla, first planted in 1980. It has a relatively high elevation for the area producing fruit with bright fruit qualities and early ripening. Seven Hills has been described as one of the “Great Vineyards of the World” by wine industry publications and has become known for producing excellent Syrah grapes in recent years.


$38.00 per Bottle
$0.00 | $410.40 per Case
Vintage 2014
Size 750 ml